Friday, May 10, 2013

No Fuss Window Must: Window Sensory Bag #CraftForKids

I am always looking for things that my toddler can do to entertain himself throughout the day. I am especially happy when I find something that can occupy both my 4 year old and my 2 year old for longer than 10 minutes. This week has been a bit rainy and I thought I would head over to my bag of tricks and try to come up with an indoor  rainy day activity for my boys.

We took a trip to our dollar store and picked up some beads, glow in the dark toys, and aloe for this little craft. Once home we got busy making our window sensory bag. The boys had fun dumping everything in the bag and they had even more fun with this activity once it was stationed at the window. We call this our No Fuss Window Must Sensory Bag, as it was no fuss to make and no fuss to take down. There was essentially no clean up and it provided hours of entertainment.

Window Sensory Bag

What you need:
Ziploc bag
Aloe {a clear soap would work just as well}
Sensory objects {flat toys, small beads, glitter, buttons…}
Paper {optional – if you don’t want to look at the Ziploc logo or through the window}

How to Make It:
Take the aloe and dump it into a large Ziploc bag.
Take the sensory objects and place them in the bag as well.
Close and seal the bag, making sure to get rid of air pockets by compressing the bag as you close it.
{Optional} Tape a piece of paper to the logo side of the bag.
Tape the bag onto the window. I taped all four sides down to discourage my children from ripping it off the window.
Let the kids play!

No Fuss Window Must: Window Sensory Bag

This was a big hit, as the kids could play with this whenever they wanted. They liked the fact that it was on the window for the whole day for them to come and play with whenever they wanted. They played with it together and they took turns… taking turns seemed to work out better for everyone though.

Sensory bins/bags are a big hit in my home. The kids like to dig in and use their hands to manipulate things. Placing the bag on the window was something they really liked – as it meant they were not confined to the kitchen table. They also happen to like looking outside. Some of the objects in the bag glow in the dark – but not very brightly… or at least not very brightly so far. They have not yet been exposed to a full on sunny day.

I really enjoyed this activity, but I think that next time I will do multiple bags with various colors and just one object per bag. That way both of the boys can easily play with the sensory bags at once and there will be more material to work with.

No Fuss Window Must: Window Sensory Bag Playtime

No Fuss Window Must: Window Sensory Bag Playtime

Have you ever created a sensory bag?

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