Friday, May 31, 2013

Cup Racing #CraftForKids

It has been raining quite a bit here in Illinois, so I have been racking my brain trying to think of some fun indoor rainy day activities for the kids that we have not done yet. The more active they are able to get… the better. I am all about them being able to run around and blow off some steam.

I remember being told recently about a blow cup race involving plastic cups and string and thought I would give it a try. While this activity originally started off as a blow cup race, that quickly fizzled out when the kids were blowing with all of their might and the cups were not going anywhere… needless to say we changed this activity up a bit to work for us.

Cup Racing Craft for Kids

What you need:
Knife or scissors
Plastic Cup
*Energetic Children*

How to Make It:
Take the plastic cup and cut a hole in the base of the cup for the yarn to go through.
Take the yarn and string it through the hole in the plastic cup.
Tape one end of the yarn on a window/wall {I prefer window – as it is easy to clean off and I don’t have to worry about taking off paint when I take off the tape.}
Run the yarn the length of the room and cut the yarn once you have reached the opposite side of the house/room.
Tape the other end of the string to the window/wall. Making a straight line for the kiddos to race the length of the room, this is important because you do not want them running into each other constantly.
Tell the kids that they can only use one hand to hold the cup and they have to wait until you say go.
Let the races begin!

how to create cup racing for kids

As I said earlier, this game started out as a blow cup race until we discovered that no matter how hard we blew those cups were not going to budge. So we changed it up a bit and made it a cup racing game. The kids could only use one hand to hold their cup. This seemed to work well for us.

Cup Racing

Kid Craft Cup Racing

 Crafts for Kids Cup Racing

After a few rounds of cup racing across the house we changed it up even more and turned the game into Red Light Green Light Cup Racing. The kids liked this game even more as it threw in the fun element of good listening… which can sometimes be a hit or miss with two little boys.
I think that the next time we do this activity {and we will be doing this activity again as it was really easy to set up and take down} we will be making it part of a relay race. I think the boys would really enjoy a relay race through the house… I wonder what other relay race elements I could add indoors?!? Hmmm…..

Have you ever created an indoor relay race?

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