Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer To Do List 2013 #Printable

I love summer! I love summer time even more now that I have children. Summer used to be all about going to the pool or having a barbeque with friends. Now summer time is all about parks, outdoor activities, and letting my little guys burn off as much energy as possible!

After a while the parks become a little mundane and the pool no longer holds all the appeal it once did at the beginning of summer. So I have decided that my family is going to have a summer to-do list. Essentially this is a wish list of activities for the family to do this summer.

Free Printable 2013 Summer To Do List For Kids

I sat down at the kitchen table with my children and we brainstormed different places we wanted to go, food we wanted to eat, and activities we wanted to try. This list ranges from movies to smores to water fights. I am happy with our little list and think that we can accomplish it all and have a really awesome summer!

I have created a Google document for you {my readers} to be able to easily print off this list for yourself. Feel free to follow along and take on this summer to do list with us! 

I have seen people print and frame these lists and then use a dry erase marker to cross off items from the list. I personally like having it hung up on my fridge by magnets… it may be laziness, but I like having it somewhere that I can see it often and mark it up when items get completed.

Do you have a summer to do list?

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