Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#WW Father’s Day

Father’s day was very low key for us this year. Since baby Julia could arrive any day now we are very limited in what we can and cannot do as well as how far out we plan our schedules. It feels like living on eggshells some days, but will be well worth it once she arrives.

So this father’s day I woke up early with the kids and let my husband sleep in {this is HUGE as I am so NOT a morning person – and my children let me know that this was weird and unacceptable as far as they were concerned… apparently dad is much cooler than I am in the morning}. We spent the day playing and relaxing at home. My husband spent a little one on one time with his first born at the pool and then we spent the afternoon/evening at his parents’ house eating, playing, and relaxing. It was a very low key day, and exactly what my husband asked for.

Bat Dad and Bat Boys: A very superhero father's day

 Super Dads

What did you do for Father’s Day?

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