Friday, June 7, 2013

How to have the BEST water fight EVER: Make Sponge Balls #CraftForKids

My kids love to play in the water. They love to swim and they love to run through the sprinkler. I have been toying with the idea of a water slide for a while now and am still unsure if it is a good idea for my boys… I will have to give that particular summer activity some more thought. Another summer water activity that I have been on the fence about is water fights. I worried that the boys would hurt each other throwing water balloons and so I looked for alternative materials to use for this activity and came across the idea of the sponge ball.

How to make Sponge Balls

What you need:
Sponges {I bought the three packs from the dollar store}
Hair Bands

How to Make It:
Take the sponges and cut them length-wise into 3 strips.
Create a 3x3 cube of cut strips
Tie a hair band around the center of the sponges.
Pouf out the ends.
Toss in a bucket of water and let the games begin!

Tutorial adapted from Martha Stewart

How to make Sponge Balls: Crafts For Kids

I was worried that my oldest would be pelting these at my youngest, but they both did a really great job of tossing the sponge balls at each other without being too aggressive. While my oldest thought that throwing these at mom with as much force as possible was hilarious – I have to say that it did not hurt a bit. Because they are made of sponges they are soft and do not hurt on contact.

This was the most fun I have ever had in a water fight. The boys and I spent well over an hour just tossing these sponge balls at each other, running around the backyard, and refilling our buckets with cold water. They giggled like mad when they “caught” mom and I laughed just as hard when I missed them. They are after all very quick moving kids.

I was a big fan of the amound of water these sponges held and the fact that there was virtually no clean up needed once we were done playing. I had not bits and pieces of balloon to pick up from the yard. The prep work to make these was simple too {say goodbye to pinched fingers from trying to tie balloons and accidental soakings from accidentally burst balloons}.  

I bought four packages of sponges and made four sponge balls. I can see that this was not nearly enough for the serious water fighting that my oldest had in mind. I will be heading back out to the store soon to purchase more sponges and make more of these sponge balls so that we are fully stocked up for a summer of water fighting fun.

Best Water Fight EVER with Sponge Balls

Do you participate in water fights with the kids?

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