Wednesday, June 5, 2013


If you are the mother or father of a child you know that there is no such thing as privacy anymore. I swear that there is an internal alarm that goes off inside my children’s heads notifying them of the exact moment that I enter a bathroom… What is really funny to me is that my youngest son seems to have his internal alarm dialed into my older son’s routine as well.

Each time my oldest son enters a bathroom my youngest son is right there at the door wanting to come in. While my oldest child needs privacy from mommy and daddy when going potty, he does not need privacy from his little brother. In fact he prefers it if his brother is sitting by the door waiting for him to complete his business – as opposed to playing without him.

under the bathroom door

waiting outside the bathroom

No such thing as privacy

The children have discovered the bathroom hiding spot

I find this humorous beyond belief. My oldest child does not want to miss a thing and requests that life as we know it take a break while he uses the restroom. All shows have to be stopped, all games have to be on hold, and friends need to stop playing until he has finished using the restroom. I have no idea what he thinks he would be missing, but he is bound and determined not to miss a thing… even if it means parting with his personal privacy to keep an eye on his sibling.

Do your children do this?

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