Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In the Sand

This week has been all about getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having. It has not been too hot and it has not been too cold. It has been perfect – or at least I think so. At 38 weeks pregnant I am grateful for the perfect temperatures! So I have been taking the boys to parks almost daily and we have been playing in the sand quite a bit.

Kids playing in the sand

I even detoured inside Kohl’s to purchase some adorable Little Tikes sand play containers. William had to have the Zebra and Steven had to have the Hippo. They love playing with these new sand toys and cannot get enough of the sand itself. I think we may have to plan a beach trip with the kiddos for the fall.

Sand Play with a Zebra Bucket Hat

Sand Play with a Hippo Bucket Hat

Even I kicked off my shoes and dipped my toes in the sand… don’t judge my feet. I am too big to reach my toes and I have not had time to go and get myself to the salon. I may need to schedule myself a pedicure soon though, preferably before this baby arrives. I do not have a whole lot of time.

Dipping a toe in the sand

I love sand play. For some reason the sand will keep my children entertained for hours! Most people cannot stand the cleanup involved or the sand that inevitably ends up everywhere... but I hear that baby powder works wonders and I usually make my children take off their shoes and brush off before coming into the house.

Do you like sand play?

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