Thursday, June 13, 2013

Moving in the right direction #Pregnancy Week 38

I cannot believe how quickly – and how slowly – this pregnancy seems to be going! Some days I cannot believe that I am well into week 38 and other days I am ready to go on a mile long hike in the hopes that I can speed this pregnancy along. I am anxious to meet baby Julia, but at the same time I know this may be my last pregnancy so I am bittersweet about it ending. Nothing is written in stone, but we will see how I handle having 3 little ones 4 years old and under.

How Far Along: 
38 Weeks Pregnant {38 weeks 5 days}

Due Date: 
June 22nd, 2013

Boy or girl: 

Bump Picture: 
Here it is…

Pregnancy Week 38

pregnancy Week 38
Baby Development:  
Baby Julia is slowly shedding that white goo on her skin (called vernix caseosa). Her head is now about the same circumference as her abdomen. She may also have about an inch or so of hair already!

Baby is in the head down position and has been bumping into my nerves frequently – causing shooting sensations which are not very pleasant. Her movements have slowed down a bit – as she has finally started to run out of room for her old somersaulting tricks. She has dropped... so I can breathe a little easier. 

Currently craving: 
I am still on the seafood kick… it seems to be the major thing I have craved this pregnancy. Although I have had quite the sweet tooth, I am trying to curb that craving with fruit instead of the ice cream that I really want {the pounds that go on are the pound I will have to work twice as hard to take off after all}.

Currently Avoiding: 

Belly button status: 

Aside from her hitting my nerves frequently she has been doing some rib kicking. I am just thankful that I have such a long torso.


Any appointments?: 
I saw the doctor this week and I am 1-2 cm dilated. Baby’s head is down and I could go any time. Crazy!!!!

Any baby related purchases?:
No purchases so far, but I am on the lookout for her curtains. I waited too long and the ones I liked were sold out.

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