Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Boys and Bugs

I have been taking the kids to the park as much as possible lately. I know that it is technically Fall already, but I am holding onto the nice weather we have been experiencing with both hands and as if my life depended on it! I know that pretty soon it will turn cold and we will either have rain or snow {it’s Illinois – you never know what kind of weather to expect.} and park time will be a thing of the past.

Our recent jaunt to the park introduced my children to cicadas and toads, something they had not spent a lot of up close and personal time with before now. The little toad was a huge hit. My boys followed it around for quite a while. When they realized they were not quick enough catch it they asked mom to come to the rescue and pick it up so they could pet it…. Oh to be the mom of boys!

the little green toad

 Boys and Bugs, Cicada

The cicadas on the other hand terrified the boys. They were not a fan of the noises that the cicadas made and thought they looked scary. I agree with their assessment wholeheartedly. But they were still really cool to see.

After the boys grew tired of the cicadas and toads, we headed off to the play structure for some good old fashioned imaginative play. One of their favorite things to play at the park is “Restaurant” and today they were serving bugs – thanks to our earlier experience with wildlife in the area.
Park Play time with the kids -Playing Restaurant

Are your children fascinated with bugs/insects when you play outdoors?

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