Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Family Halloween Costumes: Toy Story Theme

I love doing family Halloween costumes! Every year for Halloween my entire family dresses up. We pick a movie theme and everyone in the family picks a character from that movie to dress up as for Halloween. We do a lot of homemade costumes in our house and this year was no different. The theme for this year’s family Halloween costumes is Toy Story. We chose the Toys Story theme because my kiddos all love ALL of the Toy Story movies and there are enough characters for everyone to be able to pick someone to be for Halloween.

Family Toy Story Halloween Costume Theme

Family Toy Story Halloween Costume Theme

All of the costumes are homemade Halloween costumes with the exception of Buzz Lightyear, because we already owned it. I previously showed you how to make my little green alien baby hat. After tackling that hat I made my son a Zurg hat. There was a lot of sewing involved this year. But I did it! I finished the costumes! My husband was Woody and he was a huge hit with the kids in the neighborhood. I wore a Jessie costume, my oldest son wore a Zurg costume, my younger son wore a Buzz Lightyear costume, and my baby girl wore a little green alien costume. My husband’s sister and her family got in on the costume this year with their Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head costumes and their daughter wore a Bo Peep costume. All together we were one big happy Toy Story family!

In the past we have done a Star Wars family Halloween costume, a Wizard of Oz family Halloween costume, a Peter Pan family Halloween costume, and now we can add Toy Story to our repertoire. Once we are done wearing the costumes they all go in the dress up bin for the kids to play with year round. This way each costume gets a lot of use and I don’t feel bad about working so hard on Halloween costumes.

We were the only “grown ups” dressed up at our neighborhood Halloween parade. I guess it a good thing that I don’t mind looking silly. My children love that we all dress up. They love that everyone gets to be someone else for Halloween – even mom and dad. I know this won’t last too long and that they will soon grow embarrassed by this little eccentricity. But for now I am embracing their enthusiasm and trying my hardest to deliver a memorable and fun family Halloween for everyone.

I know some people are of the opinion that adults should not dress up, but I have always dressed up for Halloween – even when I was in high school and college. I loved it and still do. My opinion is this: if you put forth the effort to dress up for Halloween and you are wearing a costume and ringing my doorbell you WILL get candy. I love Halloween costumes, especially homemade costumes. I love group theme costumes even more.  

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