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How to make a little green alien fleece baby hat #DIY #Halloween

My entire family dresses up each year for Halloween. We pick a movie and each person gets to be a character from that movie. This year we are dressing up as Toy Story for Halloween. My baby is going to be a little green alien, my middle child is going to be Buzz Lightyear, my oldest child is going to be Zurg, my husband is going to be Woody, and I am going to be Jessie. Everyone is getting homemade costumes with the exception of my middle child – simply because we already own a Buzz costume. We are doing Toy Story Halloween costumes and I could not be more excited. I got started by making this little green alien baby fleece hat.

The little green alien fleece turned out remarkably well. So well in fact, all of my children and some other family members have requested that I make one for them as well. From start to finish it took me about 2 hours to make this hat… maybe a little less. I did it during nap time one day and the next day I made my oldest son’s fleece Zurg hat {because you cannot BUY a Zurg costume anywhere! But that is another post all together}. I thought this was super easy to do, so I thought I would share it with you so that you can make it too!

How to make a little green alien fleece baby hat #DIY #Halloween #ToyStory #HomemadeCostume

 What You Need:
1/3 yard fleece
1 felt square black
1 felt square white
Stuffing {filling for the antenna}
Printed pattern

Fleece Little Green Alien Baby Hat Pattern: Mom MartFleece Little Green Alien Baby Hat Pattern: Mom Mart

 How to Make It:
Cut out the pattern pieces for the hat.
  • The large circle is for the white of the eye and the little circle is for the pupil. If you are making a little green alien, you will need 3 of each.
  • The antenna will need 2 pieces that will be sewn together and stuffed so that it stands up.
  • You will need 4 pieces for the ears {2 for each ear}.
  • You will need to cut out 2 of the hat pattern {front and back}.

Pin and sew the pieces for the eyes- one circle on top of the other.
Sew the eyes onto one of the hat pattern pieces.
Sew the two pieces of the antenna together – make sure to leave the bottom open.
Turn the sewn antenna inside out and stuff. Set aside.
Take the ears pattern pieces and sew 2 together {leaving the inner ear – or flat side- open so that you can turn it inside out.}.
Take the hat pattern pieces and place them together with the side you want people to see on the inside {the eyes should be in the middle – not facing out.}.
Take the ear pieces and place them inside the hat pattern pieces so that the flat part lines up with the outer edge of the hat and the pointed part is pointing in.
Sew along the outer side of the hat where you placed the ears – Make sure you do not sew the V at the top of the hat close or the base of the hat.
Next take the antenna and place it inside the hat at the top where the V is located. The antenna should point into the hat with the opening {flat side} poking out a little from the V.
Take the hat and fold it so that the seams you just created are touching.
Sew one seam along the top of the hat {closing the V}
Now sew the brim of the hat by flipping over the base about ½ in -1in and sew it in place.
Turn your hat right side out… Ta da! You are done!

How to make a little green alien fleece baby hat #DIY #Halloween #ToyStory #HomemadeCostume #Tutorial

How to make a little green alien fleece baby hat #DIY #Halloween #ToyStory #HomemadeCostume #Tutorial

How to make a little green alien fleece baby hat #DIY #Halloween #ToyStory #HomemadeCostume #Tutorial

How to make a little green alien fleece baby hat #DIY #Halloween #ToyStory #HomemadeCostume #Tutorial

How to make a little green alien fleece baby hat #DIY #Halloween #ToyStory #HomemadeCostume #Tutorial

I love this hat. In fact I think that I will make one for each of the kiddos. They will probably go into the dress up bin for the kids to play with, but I think it would be fun to take all the kids out somewhere in their alien hats… I would have my own three little aliens – just like toy story… maybe I would make a claw outfit and chase them around the house. I might be just the slightest bit sleep deprived.

Have you ever made a Halloween costume?

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