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Feeling Safe and Secure with the Britax Pinnacle 90 Car Seat #Review

My family is a growing family, and with the newest addition of my daughter we have been playing musical chairs with our car seats. I have had to go through and move car seats around and refresh my memory on the specifications {weight/height min/max} for each car seat. My oldest was very excited to be making the move to the back of the minivan where he would get a whole bench to himself. I was not as excited as the placement of his car seat would no longer allow me to use the LATCH system and I would be switching over to securing his car seat with a seat belt.

I spent some time online looking at car seats and happened across the Britax Pinnacle 90 car seat with click tight technology and thought that this could be the solution I was looking for. Needless to say, I was very excited when Britax sent me a Pinnacle 90 car seat sample for review. -Thank you Britax for providing the Pinnacle 90 car seat. It did not take long for me to become familiar with this car seat and to fall in love with how easy it was to install and use!

Britax Pinnacle 90 Car Seat #Review

My younger son tried to take over this car seat, but was quickly ousted by his big brother. Both boys wanted the Pinnacle 90 car seat for themselves, but since there was only one and since my younger son’s seating position in the minivan allowed the use of LATCH the new car seat went to my oldest child. He loves it and I love knowing that my child is safe and secure with the Britax Pinnacle 90 car seat.

What we love about the Britax Pinnacle 90:
Hands down my favorite feature is the Click Tight Installation System! I was able to install the Pinnacle 90 car seat quickly and correctly with a tight and secure installation using the car seat belt. This truly is a game changer for car seats, making installation easy and providing the peace of mind by knowing you are getting a safe a secure installation each and every time.

I am a big fan of the Harness Ultra-Guard System {HUGS} as this not only keeps my child safer by minimizing the forward movement of my child during a crash, but it also helps my child understand where his chest clip is supposed to be located. This visual aid helps him to buckle up correctly by himself and stay buckled up correctly.

The Tangle-Free, Five-Point Harness (with 9 harness height positions - up to 20.5”) really is tangle free. My son no longer has any trouble getting in the minivan and buckling up. This makes him feel self sufficient and has given him more confidence.

I really like that I do not have to take out the seat and rethread it every time my son grows an inch. The Quick-Adjust No-Rethread Harness makes adjusting the shoulder height and head restraint a breeze. I can easily adjust this seat from the front with very little effort.

I feel safer knowing that my son is sitting in a car seat with True Side Impact Protection. He is protected by deep side walls and a head restraint that will help to distribute crash forces and will help to shield him from vehicle intrusion.

Both my son and I love the built in cup holders and storage space Britax has place in the car seat. He has everything he needs at his fingertips and he does not have to try to stretch and reach the car cup holders while we are on the move.

Britax Pinnacle 90 Car Seat with Click Tight Installation System #Review

Britax Pinnacle 90 Car Seat with Quick Adjust No Rethread Harness #Review

Britax Pinnacle 90 Car Seat with True Side Impact Protection #Review

Britax Pinnacle 90 Car Seat #Review

Britax Pinnacle 90 Car Seat #Review Top View

I have found over the years that some car seats are easier than others to install. I will sit with a new car seat and read the manual from front to back before I even begin to play with the car seat. After the manual has been read, I spend a little time getting to know the car seat before I install it. This helps me to get a better feel for the car seat and all of the pieces and parts that I will need to understand in order to correctly install it. After I have finished scoping things out I have my children sit in the car seat so that I can adjust it to their specifications before I put it in the car and no longer have a lot of room to work with. I then install the car seat in both my car and my husband’s car to see just how easy it is to install. I cannot rave enough about how easy the installation is for the Britax Pinnacle 90 car seat. It truly is user friendly – as the belt path is clearly labeled on color coded belt guide stickers on the car seat, as are quick instruction guides for easy installation. You can check out just how quick and easy the installation really is in the quick video below.

I would highly recommend the Britax Pinnacle 90 car seat for parents looking for a forward facing car seat for their child. The Pinnacle 90 can be used in Forward Facing Harness Mode for children 2 years & 25lbs up to 90lbs and in Booster Mode from 40lbs up to 120lbs. I love that I am able to keep my son in a five-point harness longer with this car seat. I know that my son is safe and secure in his Britax Pinnacle 90 car seat and that I have installed it correctly thanks to the Click Tight Installation System.  

Britax Pinnacle 90 Car Seat Used by both of my children #Review

You can find out more about the Britax Pinnacle 90 by visiting the Britax Website, checking out Britax on Facebook, or tweeting Britax on Twitter. 

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