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The Multifunctional Stokke Crusi Stroller with Sibling Solutions #Review

My family likes to travel and since there are so many of us now, a stroller is a necessity. It is really nice when the necessity of a stroller can be a luxury as well. Stokke recently sent over a sample of their Stokke Crusi stroller with the Sibling Solutions and I must say that it is defiantly a luxury stroller that I wish I could ride around in.

The Stokke Crusi is not only stylish, it is multifunctional. I have had the opportunity to use the Stokke Crusi stroller as a single stroller and as a double stroller and I have to say that there is a lot to like about both. It is a beautifully well crafted stroller that I really enjoy pushing around. The fact that it comes in purple is a big bonus!

Stokke Crusi Stroller with Siblings Solution makes this a multifunctional stroller

What we love about the Stokke Crusi with Sibling Solutions:
Hands down my favorite feature is the fact that this stroller can be used as a single stroller or as a double stroller with the attachment of the Sibling Solutions second seat attachment option. While there may not appear to be a whole lot of room in the second seat, my two year old is able to comfortably fit below and he LIKES it! He is able to get in and out on his own when unbuckled as well, which means I don’t have to bend over and lift him out – which is a big bonus in my book.

Both of the seats have a protective hood and visor to shield the occupants from the weather and sunlight. What I really like about the protective hood is the fact that I can unzip a portion of the hood for ventilation and that both of the seats have this feature. This is perfect on hot days when both children can benefit from a bit of a breeze.

The sibling solutions seat is very easy to install. Just like with the upper Crusi seat, when the sibling solution seat is installed you hear and audible clicking noise. Something to be aware of is the fact that when the sibling solution seat is attached you are not able to change the upper Crusi seat recline position – as the button you need to push for reclining is covered by the sibling adapter.

There is a large cargo basket that is large enough to handle my large size diaper bag and then some. It is important to note that when using the Crusi as a double stroller with the sibling solution most of the basket is taken up by the seat – leaving very little room for storage. When we used the Crusi with the sibling solution in place I was still able to carry a few water bottles and snacks in the basket, but there was not enough room to place my diaper bag.

We really love that the Crusi as a single stroller has five seat options. There are three seating recline options for parent facing and two seating recline options for forward facing. Baby can go from sleep, to recline, to active with the push of a button. This is fabulous for when we are out and about during my little ones nap time.

I am a big fan of the fact that the Crusi is a Connection Stroller; meaning that it sits higher above the ground providing better eye contact for baby and parents. I can easily lean forward and interact with my baby while pushing the Crusi.

The chassis on the Crusi folds flat for easy portability. It is really simple to close and since it does not lock when collapsed, it is also very easy to pop open when you are ready to use it.  
Stokke Crusi Protective Hood with Ventilation

Stokke Crusi Sibling Adapter Kit

Stokke Crusi Storage space WITH the Sibling Seat attached

Stokke Crusi Large Cargo Basket

Stokke Crusi 5 Seat Positions

Stokke Crusi Stroller Chassis Folds Flat
Adjustable Footrest and Handle

Stokke Crusi Specs:
Suitable from birth to 15kg (single seat).
Holds maximum of 15 kg (single) 30kg (duo).
Chassis weight: 8.6 kg Chassis with Xplory & Crusi Seat weight: 12.4 kg
Chassis folded: L: 98 cm, W: 62 cm, H: 30 cm

Something to be aware of is the fact that the Crusi stroller cannot fold flat with the seats in place. You need to remove both Crusi seats in order to collapse the stroller for transporting. You do not need to remove the sibling adapter kit however. If this is an important feature for you I would recommend looking at the Stokke Scoot, as that stroller can collapse with the seat in place and has a one handed folding feature.

I am in love with the color choices available for this stroller and if you have been following me on twitter you know that I am ALL about this purple! The purple pops and simply looks beautiful. I get stopped and asked about my Crusi stroller wherever I go; the color seems to just draw people in. Stokke also just released a beautiful new urban blue color that is simply vivid! So there are now eight color options.

This was a great stroller for transporting a new baby and toddler. It has been wonderful for my growing family to use when traveling or even for simple walks throughout the neighborhood. It is a beautiful well crafted stroller that is comfortable for both parents to push and children to ride in.

Stokke Crusi Sibling Solutions

My StokkeBaby in a Stokke Crusi Stoller

You can find out more about the Stokke Crusi Stroller by visiting the Stokke Website, checking out Stokke on Facebook, following Stokke on Instagram, or tweeting @StokkeBaby on Twitter. 

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