Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coffee makes me a better mom.

I am the mother of two very handsome little men. My oldest is two and my youngest is six weeks old. I should be a pro at all things baby, having experienced them before. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

They say that each pregnancy is different, each labor and delivery is different, each recovery is different, and each child is different. This is not a lie. The saying is either completely true or my brain has blocked what life is like with a newborn. Either case is completely feasible.

As of late my newborn, who up until now has been feeding every two-to-three hours, has changed his feeding schedule. He now wants to eat every hour and a half. For some reason we are just not making it to the two hour mark. This makes for a very tired and frustrated mommy.

Let me be perfectly clear, when I am tired I am not very nice. Sleep affects my mood a great deal. I feel that only after my morning cup of coffee do my grunts and moans turn into words that might be described as part of the English language. Before my coffee I scowl. Rarely do I make direct eye contact with adults without giving them the stink-eye before my first drop of caffeinated goodness.

For some reason my grouchiness is only directed at adults. Although I grunt and moan at everyone and everything prior to coffee, my dirty looks and irritated attitude are reserved for the adults. I guess I feel that adults should know better than to poke at the sleeping bear (that would be me). Children on the other hand do not know better. They simply want their mommy and figure that if they are up, I should be up too.

After my coffee I am ready to tackle the morning routine of getting everyone cleaned and dressed and ready. If the coffee is especially strong we can go out in public to play at the park or go shopping. After my coffee I am ready to deal with temper tantrums and crying fits from my newborn.

How did I ever give up coffee during my pregnancy? Oh yeah, I was able to sleep. Lord help me if we ever run out of coffee and have no way to get more. I guess I should say Lord help my husband.


  1. I hear you. Coffee makes the world go round and me a nicer person:) Love it!

  2. Ha! Love it... and SOOOO true! You're not alone sister!

    Keep blogging - love to read what you right!

  3. I feel the same way about coffee. I'm lost without it in the morning. Lol!


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