Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It’s Raining. It’s Pouring.

I woke up this morning to a thunderstorm. There was some loud thunder, a little bit of lightning, and a lot of rain. Although my plans for the day did not include rain, the rain did not ruin my plans.

Most of the time I look at thunderstorms as Gods way of saying I need to make today a pajama day. On a typical rainy day I curl up in my pajamas and drink coffee and watch my toddler destroy what order I had previously restored to my home. It is quite entertaining.

Some days I look at the rain as my arch nemesis! These are usually days when I am feeling a little cabin fever itchiness to get outside and let the kids run off all of their energy.  Today’s plans included paying a visit to my previous employer to introduce the ladies to my newborn son Steven. This is a quick in and out, from car to door and back. Ha ha rain, take that!

William in raincoat. Check! Steven in infant carrier and covered. Check! Off we go. By the time we located the umbrella, the raincoats, and loaded everyone into the swagger wagon (Minivan) the downpour had turned into a light drizzle. By the time we reached my old place of employment the sun had come out and the rain had stopped. Ha ha Laura, take that! – replied the rain.

My morning visit went well and the kids are both sleeping. Although it has stopped raining playing outside is not on the agenda for our afternoon plans. Everything is soaking wet and my toddler is testing his boundaries lately. Our rainy day toys are going to be coming out of storage for a fun filled afternoon of tunnels and tents.


I bought a fabulous toy for my son earlier this winter when we were getting itchy to get out of the house. The toy is called Tee Pee Maze Craze and consists of two tunnels and two tents that can all be connected to each other. This is our rainy day toy. It only comes out when it rains and we are stuck in doors. My son loves to crawl in the tent and play hide-and-seek. It is our special rainy day activity. It will go back into storage tomorrow so that it can retain its newness for the next time we have a thunderstorm.

Do you have a special game, activity, or toy for rainy days? If so, please leave a comment and share.

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