Monday, May 23, 2011

Over the hills and through the woods to the Pediatricians we go.

My newborn son Steven just had his 2 month wellness checkup at the pediatrician’s office this last week. Although he is only 6 weeks old we wanted to get his first round of immunizations before taking him on a mini family vacation to Indianapolis this next weekend. I was discussing with my mother-in-law how the appointment went when she suggested I write a blog post about what one should take with them when bringing their baby to the pediatrician. Here is my checklist:

  • Diaper changing gear - The first thing I do when going to baby wellness checkups is take measurements. I am asked to strip my son down to his diaper for his height and head circumference measurements. Then the diaper comes off to measure the baby’s weight. So if the diaper is soiled you will need to be able to clean it up and put your baby in a fresh diaper.
  • Blanket – After measurements are taken I am escorted into the pediatrician’s office where I answer questions and wait for the doctor to come and look at my baby. During this time my son is wrapped in a blanket to keep him warm, as I have been asked not to redress him until after the doctor has seen him.
  • Nursing cover if you are breastfeeding and bottle of formula if you are bottle feeding – Sometimes the office is backed up and I have to wait a while to make my appointment. This can conflict with feeding schedules and it is always a good idea to be prepared for the just in case scenario.
  • Stroller/Travel system – I find it easier to keep my baby in his infant carrier and snap it into the stroller when visiting the pediatrician. I can put a blanket over the carrier and keep people from exposing my son to germs. It is also a lot easier for me to stroll my child through the building than to balance a diaper bag and infant carrier.
  • Pacifier – After my son gets his immunization shots I give him a pacifier and cuddle him. This helps to sooth him after the shock and pain of getting shots.

I hope this helps new mothers when planning their first trip to the pediatrician.

Please feel free to share your tips and tricks for successful doctors’ visits.

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