Friday, May 13, 2011

Lamaze Northern Lights Crib Soother Review

There are two ways to work this soother. It can either be a child activated soother by pressing the little soft ladybug on the front of the soother or it can be turned on by the parent by pressing both the music button and the light button. The music button turns on either three classical melodies or sounds of nature and can be placed on either a soft or loud setting. The light button simple activates or deactivated the glowing lights in the soother. The Northern Lights Soother has something that I have not seen in any other soother, the ability to hook up to an mp3 player and play my music. This is a very cool feature. There is a cord located at the top of the soother and even a neat little pocket to hold your mp3 player on the back.
Something to be aware of with this soother is that once the soother is attached to the crib it is difficult to access the pocket on the rear.

Instead of having to tie the soother to the crib there is a simple adjustable clip. I love this feature! I no longer have to bother with ties that come loose or are impossible to untie. I no longer have to worry about the choking hazard of loose ties. The clip is easy to use and easily adjustable. I have even brought this soother downstairs and attached it to a play-mat and the back of a kitchen chair, depending on where we were going to be spending a lot of time.

This soother is soft, so there is no danger of self injury. As a mother of boys I guarantee that if there is a way to hurt themselves they will find it.

The soother itself is very engaging. The different layers display the mellow lighting beautifully and the animal faces are adorable. My baby can't get enough!

You can find this product at Learning Curve 

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