Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fun Pic: Week 2

We did not purchase new furniture for our newborn. Instead we transitioned our toddler into his “big boy” furniture and moved all the baby things into the new nursery. The diaper changing station is no longer in William’s room; it is now in the nursery. Our goodnight routine starts out with diaper changes in Steven’s nursery where William like to play hide-and-go-seek right. He loves that he can crawl under the crib to hide. In this Friday Fun Pic William is hiding from having to go to sleep. I would love to hear how your little ones avoid bedtime?


  1. Oh my oldest has so many excuses..."I can't go to sleep because your tv is too loud" "I can't go to sleep because my eyes aren't tired" "I can't go to bed because my lion is sleeping in there" are so funny when it comes to bed time. My youngest just screams fights her sleep (but she is only 9 1/2 months old) :)

  2. It's hit and miss with our son! Some days he goes right to bed. Other days (usually the ones his schedule is off and he goes to bed too late) he will come up with any excuse to stay up! Tonight it was that he needed a teddy bear. The other night he thought a train he heard was going to come into his room and hurt him. Sometimes he needs a drink. Other times he needs a hug or kiss from us. Other times he will have taken off his pajamas and wants different ones on. I don't usually oblige his requests though and make sure we take care of all the basics before bedtime!

  3. My two share a room. The older one says she can't sleep cause my younger one keeps her up. The younger one who is two stands up and talks to my older one. They feed off of each other. :)


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