Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time! Time! Who’s got the time?

Every mommy needs some ME time. It doesn't matter if it is going to get a pedicure, taking a shopping trip, dinner and a movie with girlfriends, or simply taking a quiet walk around the neighborhood by yourself. Every mother needs some kid free time to regroup and relax.

Now the trick is finding the time. As a stay-at-home mom I am with my children twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. I have trouble finding that little niche of time during the day that I can cut out for myself. This is especially difficult with a nursing newborn. The only time during the day that I can set aside for myself is during nap time in the afternoon.

This is coincidentally the time I use to get things done around the house that are hard to do with children under foot. You know, like shower, clean my home, and get dinner preparations under way. Sometimes if I am really lucky I get to nap during this time. Even if I didn’t have a million and one things to do around the house while the kids nap, I can’t very well get up and leave my children at home unattended and go catch an afternoon matinee or go get a pedicure. The long and the short of it is that day time mommy me time during the week is out of the question. Let’s move on to the evening.

My husband gets home from work around 5:30-6:00pm. Woo hoo!!! Back-up has arrived! After we get dinner cooked and cleaned up it is time for a little bit of playtime with William and then we swiftly move into the bedtime routine. After William is in bed it is time to nurse Steven. The next two hours are when I get to spend some time with my husband. Is this where I am supposed to carve out mommy me time? I guess it would work. Okay, mommy me time established.

What to do with my mommy me time? I can write my blog. Check! What else? Well, I am now overweight and out of shape from having just spent the last nine months as an incubator and the last two months recovering. I guess I will spend my mommy me time getting back into shape. My husband can stay home with the kids and I can work on getting my body back (sounds like a ton of fun right?). My birthday gift this year was a new Schwinn bicycle. I wanted a bicycle to be able to go on bike rides by myself and with the kids. I can use my mommy me time to go on bike rides. Just me and my mp3 player working up a sweat. This could work. Maybe I should schedule some mommy me reward time for good behavior. I bike a couple nights a week and on Saturday I get to go see a movie or get a delicious chocolate dessert. Hhhmmm… This might actually work!

I am curious, when do you schedule your mommy me time and what do you do for yourself?


  1. Oh, I need some me time. I'm dreaming of a spa day soon.

  2. I feel ya on that one! Right now I feel like I'm going insane and want to escape! Being stuck at home with no car for a couple weeks is seriously taking it's toll on me. phew...ME time is much needed.

    Found ya through blogfrog :)


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