Friday, July 8, 2011

4moms Cleanwater Collection Review

I recently won the Cleanwater Collection giveaway hosted by 4moms! As a way to launch their new Cleanwater Collection bathing system, 4moms decided to host a month long giveaway. They did not give away simply one Cleanwater Collection system, but instead gave away one system a day for a whole month. Talk about a great way to launch a new product!

4Moms Cleanwater Collection

4Moms Cleanwater Collection System

The Cleanwater Collection system includes an infant tub, a rinse cup, a spout cover, and a bath sponge. The tub and spout cover each have a color-coded digital thermometer on them.

What I like:

  • This tub fits perfectly in my sink. This means that I am not bending over a bathtub trying to wash my child {my back thanks you}. 
  • The built in thermometer is a huge help. What may seem like a perfectly good temperature for bathing to me is actually too hot for the baby, and thanks to the color coded built in thermometer I can see the correct temperature at a glance.
  • The soft bath sponge makes it comfy for baby to bathe and gives my conscience a rest. 
  • The holes in the side of the tub make it easy to keep the bath water clean while getting rid of the dirty water. 
  • I am in love with the digital spout cover and doubt I will EVER part with it. This allows my husband to bath our older child all on his own... giving mommy a much needed break. I wish this was sold separately so that I could purchase another one for my spare bathroom.

While I really do like this bathtub, It can only be used up to six months {as stated on the box}. The only place to really use this bathtub is in a kitchen sink. My bathroom sink is too small to accommodate this tub and water gets everywhere. In the bathtub I get soaked with the water draining out. This is something to be aware of before making this purchase. 

I love this bath and use it a lot with my newborn. It truly does make bathing in the early days so much easier!

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