Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fun Pic: Week 10

Once again it is time to start taking old baby items out of storage for the new baby to use. And once again my son reclaims ownership over the forgotten toys. This week’s picture is of my son William trying to fit into his old exersaucer. He is obviously too big for it and yet this is not a deterrent for him at all. Even though he gets stuck in the exersaucer and needs help to get out, he continues to finagle his way into the toy. Whenever one of the old baby toys comes out of storage William wants to be reacquainted with the toy, and he doesn’t want to share. I mean really… you want to lay on the play-mat and stare at a mirror and a picture of a duck? This is entertaining for you? Great! I can save myself some cash by simply rotating out your current stash of toys.

toddler squeezing in an exersaucer

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