Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sleeping Habits of a Sleepy Toddler

We transitioned my two-year-old son into a big boy bed earlier this year with no problems. I know people tell you to wait until your toddler is trying to climb out before making the transition, but we needed the crib for our new bundle of joy. My toddler sleeps in his big boy bed and jumps on his big boy bed and plays hide-and-go-seek in his big boy bed. The big boy bed provides an all around good time.

Our bedtime routine is quite simple. If it is bath night we get a bath. If it is not bath night, we move right along to the next segment in our routine… diapers. We change the diaper, brush the teeth, change into pajamas, crawl into bed, read the time on the clock, read a book (he gets to choose the book), and give goodnight kisses and hugs. Then it is time to turn off the lights and go to sleep.

Before my husband and I call it a night and head off to sleep we check on our sleeping toddler one last time. Usually William is sound asleep in his bed. Apparently the big boy bed has grown boring, because lately he has been experimenting on where to rest his sleepy head.

The last couple of nights when we have come to check on William we have found him sound asleep in some very entertaining places. We have found him snoozing under the bed with nothing but his feet sticking out. Very wicked witch of the west… Then yesterday I found him sleeping in his toy chest, buried in toys and stuffed animals. 

I find this extremely comical, as does my husband.

Child sleeping under his bed
child sleeping in toy chest

I also feel like the worst mother in the world because instead of picking up my child and putting him back into bed I went running for my camera to take a picture. After snapping a couple photos I put my sleeping son back into his bed. He didn’t make a peep when I dragged him out from under the bed. He did not wake up once when I put him back into his big boy bed. I wish I could sleep that soundly!


  1. That's awesome! Don't feel like a bad mom for running to get the camera; when my son was about 18 months, he managed to not only open the dryer door, but also climb INSIDE the dryer. After my initial horror I...
    yep, ran and grabbed my camera.

  2. Thanks Kristin, I always love hearing other mother's similar situations.

    Everything that comes out of the dryer is soft and warm and cuddly, why wouldn't that be a great place to curl up and hide! Kids are very entertaining aren't they?

  3. I honestly think all parents do the grab the camera thing. I do it with my daughter all the time providing the situation isnt causing harm to her. I have taken pics of my daughter sleeping on the bottom of her bed lying sideways.... or completely on her pillow, or under her art table... so I dont think your a bad parent. By the way your son is handsome... I love kids... never know what they are going to do next.

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