Thursday, July 21, 2011

My child and HIS iPad.

I received the original iPad as a Mother’s day/birthday gift last year from family and friends. This gadget has provided countless hours of entertainment for me. My husband and toddler love it as well. Each member of the family has their own “page” of apps that were specifically downloaded with each person’s personality and preferences in mind.

My pages consist of pregnancy, parenting, and social media networking apps as well as numerously frivolous apps.

My husband’s iPad page of apps consists of sports information, fantasy football, and Sudoku apps among many others.

My toddler’s iPad page of apps is no longer limited to the space of a single page. William’s apps have taken over my iPad. There are choo choo train apps, flash card apps, Disney digital book apps, coloring apps, and so much more. Most of the apps I have downloaded for my son were free, which is always a bonus. One of my son’s favorite iPad apps is the Disney Toy Story Digital book. I believe it was free when I downloaded it way back, but am unsure of the cost of it right this minute. This app is awesome. It is a digital book that’s text lights up as it is being read. The pictures are crisp and clean and there are even little snippets of the movie interspersed throughout the story. If that weren’t enough, there are coloring pages of Woody and Buzz too!

A large majority of my sons apps on the iPad are educationally based apps that he does with mommy and/or daddy sitting with him. It is absolutely insane how far technology has come and what is available for kids these days. What floors me is that my son can work the iPad without any assistance.

On Sunday mornings mommy gets to sleep in with the baby while daddy and William hang out downstairs with the iPad and the Sunday paper. My husband reads the paper while my toddler navigates the iPad. He knows exactly which apps are his and how to work them. According to my son it is HIS iPad.

If mom or dad are playing with the iPad and William wants it he will let us know exactly who the iPad belongs to and who should get to play with it. “My iPad” & “Color” are frequently heard throughout the house. I love that he is so techno savvy. Now we need to work on sharing.

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