Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fun Pic: Week 9

family themed M&M outsfits

My family recently took a family vacation to Sheboygan Wisconsin. I decided that it would be an adorable idea to dress alike on this trip. So on Saturday we were preppy in blue polo’s and khaki shorts, on Sunday we all wore Batman shirts (the kids had capes- it was too cute!), and on Monday we all wore M&M shirts. It was quite dorky of me, but oh so much fun. In this picture we are all modeling different colored M&M shirts. Even baby Steven is sporting the day’s theme in a red M&M onsie and matching socks (Thanks Aunt Wendy & Uncle Shawn). We had a ton of fun dressing up and received quite a few compliments throughout our themed weekend. As a bonus, dressing this way made it incredibly easy to keep an eye on my toddler on our daily excursions.

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  1. I like the dressing up idea. I want to see Batman pictures. Travis had a Batman cape for Halloween one year and he loved it.


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