Thursday, July 28, 2011

Product Review: Bright Starts Cuddle & Soothe Blanket

 Steven holding his Cuddle & Soothe BlanketMy son Steven is almost four-months-old. This means that anything and everything somehow finds its way into his mouth. While he is not big on the whole pacifier scene, he loves to soothe himself by nibbling on his hands, his pacifier clip, and now his Cuddle & Soothe Blanket.

This blanket is fantastic. It is not just a piece of soft fabric; although the fabric is incredibly soft with an adorable design to boot. Nope, this blanket has two teethers sewn into the blanket corners. They are not teeny tiny teethers either. These teethers are large and in charge. They come in two different colors with different texture designs on each one.

My little guy loves this blanket. He holds onto this blanket like a man in a desert would hold onto a canteen of water. It might be the variety of textures that entertains him so, or it could be the bright colors. Either way, he love to play and cuddle with this blanket.

The Bright Starts Cuddle & Soothe Blanket is
Mom Mart Approved!
What we love about the Cuddle & Soothe Blanket:

  • The fabric used to make this blanket is incredibly soft. I want to cuddle with this blanket!
  • There are TWO teethers on this blanket. This is a big deal for us because when one side gets all slobbery and gooey, we can flip it around and start again.
  • The colors are bright and eye catching. My son will track this blanket everywhere I move it. This makes for hours of play time.
  • There are a variety of tactile experiences available with this blanket. There are ribbons to play with, satin lining on one side, teethers in two corners, and the blanket itself feels like some kind of soft minky fabric.
  • There is a loop attached to one end so that this blanket can be attached to pretty much anything. Right now mine is looped through the pacifier clip on our activity swing so it doesn’t get tossed out.

The Cuddle & Soothe Blanket can be found at

Thanks so much to Bright Start for providing me a sample product for my review.
Opinions expressed are 100% mine!

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