Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love my fancy shmancy coffee maker, my wonderful Tassimo!

 I would like to introduce you to my new Tassimo.
Say hello to my new best friend.

My New Tassimo Coffee Maker

I have said it before and I will say it again; I love coffee.

Unfortunately I am not very good at making coffee. The coffee grounds always seem to plan a hostile takeover of my coffee pot whenever I am in charge of preparations.  I am left with sad coffee and a mouthful of yuck. My husband, bless him, makes me a half pot every morning before he heads off to work. If he forgets or has to take a to go cup of coffee in the morning I am left with no caffeinated happiness in a cup. I found a solution to this unfortunate problem. I needed a one cup coffee maker that was me-proof, something even I couldn't mess up.

My husband’s grandmother was given a fancy shmancy Tassimo coffee maker and never used it. Since I have cut down on the amount of coffee I drink, much to the dismay of everyone who encounters me in the morning, I thought I would give the Tassimo a go. My fabulous mother-in-law asked her mother if we could have the Tassimo. Viola!  I am now the proud owner of a fancy shmancy Tassimo coffee maker. Thank you Grandma!

I was so excited about my new gadget. I took it out of the box, set everything  up, placed the coffee Tdiscs’ next to the machine, and read through the manual.

I woke up the next morning, put the Tdisc in the Tassimo and waited for the button to turn green. Click. Coffee is being made. Less than a minute later I have a hot cup of Joe in my hands wearing a mile wide smile. That is until I actually taste the coffee.

Hahaha aha. The coffee had an expiration date from 2007. I dumped the remainder of the coffee down the sink. Put the expired Tdiscs in the garbage. Out came the old coffee pot, the old coffee pot liners, and my messy measuring cup. I guess this will have to do for this morning, but tomorrow I WILL have fancy coffee.

That afternoon I packed the kids in the minivan and took a trip to my local Meijer to buy Tdiscs. I bought myself the coffee and cappuccino Tdiscs. Woo Hoo!

Okay, let's try this again. Fresh Tdisc in the Tassimo, green light, click, and coffee. Hooray! Yummy fancy shmancy coffee for me! My coffee is delicious and I am once again a happy mommy. The Tassimo is incredibly easy to use and the Tdiscs are reasonably priced. I am looking forward to finding and trying new beverages in my new fancy shmancy coffee maker.

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