Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I found my microwave safe and dishwasher safe toddler tableware!

Recently I posted about the difficulty I was having finding dishes for my toddler. I wanted dishes that could be used in the microwave to reheat food and that could be cleaned in the dishwasher without melting and warping. I also wanted them to be non-breakable (plastic as opposed to porcelain or glass). This was apparently a lot to ask of a set of children's dishes.

I had some great comments and suggestions on where to look from readers-thank you.

I was on a mission. I looked at Target, Meijer, Wal-Mart, and finally Babies-R-Us. Babies-R-Us had a huge selection! Much more than any other store I visited.

I was able to walk into Babies-R-Us, locate the cups, plates, and bowls section of the store, and find exactly what I needed within minutes. It was fabulous!

Want to know what I found?

·         Cups: Munchkin Multi Cup 5 pack

·         Plates: Nuk Gerber Graduates Heat Feed and Store Plates with Lids 3 pack

·         Bowls: Gerber Nuk 4 pack Bunch-A-Bowls & Lids

The bowls and plates all come with lids that enable them to double as tupperware containers. One of the three plate lids is vented for use in the microwave. The cups, bowls, and plates come in various colors. They are bright and fun and my toddler loves them.

All in all I am quite pleased with my stylish toddler tableware. I am happy I didn't settle for dishes that didn’t meet all of my requirements. Although it took a little more effort to find, I got exactly what I wanted.


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