Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cold Turkey Potty Training

This week we started our cold turkey potty training. (da da dahhh!)

Cold turkey potty training is this: No more diapers.

No, it is not naked potty training – which we tried unsuccessfully. Cold turkey potty training is simple; instead of wearing diapers my son wears big boy underwear. A timer is set for 20-30 minutes. After the timer dings it is time to go sit on the potty. I read a story or two while my child sits on his potty and tries to pee and/or poop. If he goes in the potty he gets M&M treats and a Curious George sticker for his chart and one to wear. After we are done we wash our hands, reset the timer, and continue our regular daily activities until it is time to try again. 
My son got to pick out his big boy underwear at the store. It was a very big deal. There were a lot of choices, but after much discussion Thomas the train and Mickey Mouse were the victors. We had a talk about big boy underwear and what being able to wear big boy underwear meant. Most of this discussion went in one ear and out the other. I think he was just excited to be getting something new.

We spent Monday prepping the house for our cold turkey potty training. I rolled up my area rug, swept and mopped my entire first floor, and stocked up on books to read while in the bathroom. We placed baby wipes near the potty as well as the potty treats, the potty chart, and replacement underwear in case of accidents. I gated off the upstairs and the basement.

potty training stationFor the duration of cold turkey potty training, we are sequestered to the first floor. Here is my reasoning, I am lazy. My entire first floor is either hard wood or tile. Making it ten times easier to clean up accidents than other carpeted areas of the house.

When we do have accidents, my son helps me to clean them up. We have one “yucky” towel and we use it to clean up “yucky” messes. Afterwards, we wash our hands and move on. I try not to make a big deal out of accidents (although in my head I am totally grunting in frustration).

So far we are having more successful trips to the potty than accidents. He is excited about the timer. Although, I think this has more to do with the crocodile from Peter Pan than anything else. My son sings “Tick Tock, Tick Tock Croc” all around the house while potty training. When the timer goes off he races to the bathroom to go potty. Yesterday he was so excited he forgot to take off his big boy underwear before sitting on the potty. I came in to the bathroom to see my son sitting on the potty in his underwear going pee pee in the potty. I had to laugh. It could not be helped.

This led to a discussion on the process of going potty. The big boy underwear needs to come OFF before we sit on the potty. He seems to be having fun with this experience. Surprisingly I am too. I think his excitement over this might be contagious.

So far so good. We have had very few accidents. My fingers are crossed that this will work and potty training will *CLICK*. I will keep you updates on how potty training my toddler goes.

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