Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What’s the Buzz: How do you find out about baby gear?

My baby boy

Babies are great! They are beautiful little bundles of joy that come with such incredibly fun stuff!

I have come to terms with the fact that I am obsessed with baby gear. I admit it. I am addicted to all things baby, from the latest and greatest model stroller to the new line of clothing coming out. I love all things baby.

I was terrified when it came time to register for my own baby shower. At the time registering seemed very overwhelming. I bought a consumer reports book on baby gear and read through it twice. I researched online product reviews on strollers and high chairs and play yards. Even with all of the research I did before registering I was still overwhelmed.

In order to feel a little less intimidated by the whole registry process I made my mother help me. She was great, especially considering that the last time she had a baby was over 20 years ago. Having someone there to walk me through the process, bounce ideas off of, and hold my hand while I made what seemed like huge decisions made all the difference in the world!

I have helped family and friends register for their first child and loved every minute of holding that scanner! I am hoping for more of my girlfriends and family members (come on sisters!!!) to have babies so that I can help them register too. I love sharing my knowledge of all things baby.

One of the ways I find out about baby gear is through mom blogs. Mom blogs are usually the first to know about up and coming baby gear. They offer fresh perspectives on products and real mom opinions on how well baby gear works in real life. This is usually the first place I look to when researching products.

I have recently become a fan of YouTube product demonstrations. Especially for those products that you cannot find in stores. They are extremely helpful. I am even thinking about taking out my Flip-Video and making some of my own.

Another way that I find out about baby gear is through baby boutiques and stores. I love going baby gear shopping. I could spend hours playing with the newest gizmos and gadgets! I take the store displays down and tinker around with them. I am that mom! I try them out to make sure, absolutely sure, that I will be able to work them. There is nothing worse than taking a product out of the box and having no clue how to work it. I get incredibly frustrated when even after reading directions; the ability to use a product still eludes me. GGGggggrrr!

Baby products are fun. They can be a sanity saver for moms and dads. I love baby gear. I love being in the know when it comes to baby gear. I could spend endless hours shopping for baby gear… I am obsessed with baby gear.

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