Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five more minutes mom...

Lately everything I ask my toddler to do gets the same response, "five more minutes’ mom." Weather it is a question of what activity we are going to do or where we are planning to go for our daily outing, everything is five more minutes mom.

I know exactly where this came from, me.  I try to give my son a five minute heads up before we switch what we do throughout the day. I do this so that we can avoid major meltdowns when leaving places, especially public places! I warn him before rotating out toys or moving from one activity to the next. This five minute warning system seems to work pretty well. We have not had a major meltdown for a while.

Now William is letting me know what I can do and how long I am able to do it. Five more minutes mommy. I have been informed that I have five more minutes to feed baby Steven, then I have to come play. The really comedic part of this is the fact that it only takes about one minute for him to turn around and tell me “okay, come.”

My son also informs me of his plans for the day and what he wants to do in five minute increments. “Outside, five minutes mom, outside.” Now I am unsure if he is telling me that he wants to go outside IN five minutes or FOR five minutes. Either way, he is definitely asserting himself.

If I was oblivious to the fact that my child is a sponge soaking up everything he hears, I know now.  Apparently he hears me. And apparently he understands… and repeats.

It is time to start seriously monitoring what I say around my son so that he doesn’t repeat mommy’s words at inopportune times and places.

I can just picture my son spilling the beans on private conversations left and right; especially if it gets a laugh. He has become quite a ham.

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