Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Potty training William continued...

Bjorn Potty
Here we go again.

I gave the whole naked potty training thing a week. We spent the mornings and the afternoons after nap time naked; by we I mean William was naked, mommy was fully dressed in clothing that could get peed on without me hyperventilating. William successfully peed in the potty several times, hooray! He also peed all over my carpeting, the leg of my chair, his train table, behind the sofa, and on his tunnel.

Let me just say that I am getting really great use out of my carpet cleaner and Clorox wipes.

Surprisingly, William has no problem sitting on the potty. He will sit there and play with legos and read books and eat potty treats. But as soon as he has to actually go potty, he stands up and looks for a place to hide. I have caught him squatting down behind his climbing cube trying to tinkle. I pick him up and once again tell him that pee pee goes in the potty.

I am over it. I am completely over the whole naked potty training concept. It is time to move on and try something new. My husband tells me that he doesn't think William is ready to be potty trained yet. Hhhmmmm. Should we take a break or try something new?

I recently met a mother at the playground that potty trained her son using the cold turkey method. This is how she described her cold turkey potty training method. She did not put her son in diapers during awake time at all. Instead she put him in his big boy underwear and dressed him in clothing that was easy to pull down. She rolled up all her rugs and spent three days on the first floor of her house playing and potty training.  Every half an hour they would go sit on the potty. If there was an accident, it was on tile or hard wood and was easy to clean up. She said her son did not like the feel of being wet or poopy in his clothing. It took three days to potty train him.

I figure, why not?  I sent my husband to the store to pick up a set of Thomas the train big boy underwear. He came back with a three pack. I am thinking that those will not last more than a couple hours if I am lucky. I will be heading to the store to pick up some more soon. I am planning on rolling up carpets and barricading off the basement and second story of the house. Starting next week we are cold turkey potty training.

I am envisioning a huge disgusting ordeal. A big poopy mess. But at this point I am willing to try anything. I am hoping that going potty in his big boy underwear will be very uncomfortable for him. Thus making him WANT to go potty in the potty.

We will be taking a short break before we embark on this new method of potty training. Momma needs to mentally prepare for this.

If this method doesn't work I am contemplating sending him to daycare in the mornings to be potty trained or I am going to hire a potty training guru! Is there such a thing as a potty training guru? There should be. If someone is awesome at potty training kids they should start a potty training service. I would pay someone to come to my house for a week or two and work with me on potty training my child.

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