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Product Review: dENiZEN

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With fall rapidly approaching I am starting to think about my sons new fall wardrobe. I have started making my shopping list and checking the Sunday paper for back to school sales.  

There are several items that are must haves for children’s fall wardrobe. Aside from long sleeve tee-shirts and sweaters for layering, every child needs a well fitting pair of blue jeans (usually two or three pairs).

FYI: Levi’s have come out with a new brand of blue jeans for the WHOLE family. There are various washes, fits, and styles available for everyone; making this a jean for any occasion. The new line is called dENiZEN and it is fabulous! I was lucky enough to be asked to review Levi’s new line of blue jeans, dENiZEN, available exclusively at Target.

The dENiZEN blue jeans that I was asked to review were a pair for my son, William, who is two-years-old. Although my son is two, he is tall for his age and currently wears size 4T clothing. This just so happens to be the smallest size available in the boys size range. Needless to say, I was pretty excited that they came in William’s size.

My toddler is a growing machine. His clothing will last, if I am lucky, for the season before it is time to move up to a bigger size. Right before each growth spurt my son fills out. His clothing starts to get a little tight. After each growth spurt he thins out and the next size up in pants practically falls off. We tend to go through clothing really quickly, so I am always willing to test out clothing that has the possibility of longevity.

The dENiZEN blue jean by Levi’s is
Mom Mart Approved!

What we love about the new dENiZEN blue jean:

·    My favorite feature on the dENiZEN blue jean is the adjustable waist. Every pair of children’s pants should have this feature. I love that I can tighten or loosen the fit of these pants without having to deal with a belt. This is a MUST for anyone potty training or preparing to potty train a child.

·    The jeans are made out of quality materials. The denim fabric is the perfect weight; it’s neither paper thin nor is it thick and heavy. It is 100% cotton and is soft on the skin.

·    The craftsmanship is outstanding. The stitching in the jeans is straight and effective. I am not worried about my son playing in these blue jeans and busting out of them.

·    The fit is fabulous, not too tight and not too loose. They are comfortable no matter what activity we are partaking in.

·   The length of these blue jeans is perfect for my son weather he is barefoot indoors or wearing sneakers and running outside. He doesn’t look like he is getting ready to wade through water. Nor does he look like he is swimming in his clothing. They are perfect.

 My son in his Denizen blue jeans My toddler crawling on the table in his Denizen blue jeans My son climbing the wall in his Denizen blue jeans
 If you like the dENiZEN blue jeans by Levi’s and want to see more please visit dENiZEN America via Facebook

* All opinions expressed are 100% my own. I was not compensated for this post.*
I was given a pair of dENiZEN blue jeans for the purposes of this review

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