Thursday, August 25, 2011

Need new baby gear: Join The Great Trade-In!

I recently wrote a blog post about the lack of recycling opportunities for people wanting to recycle their expired car seats. You can read my post about expired car seats HERE

I contacted my local recycling center about this issue and was told that although they did not take car seats, I could resell or donate my used car seat. When I informed them about the age of my car seat they were unaware that car seats even had an expiration date.

The person I spoke with was extremely nice and offered to look into the possibility of car seat recycling programs at nearby recycling centers. After about two weeks I received a follow up email from my recycling center contact informing me that she had no luck finding anything in Illinois or nearby States. She did however find a program for car seat recycling in Texas!

BabyEarth's RENEW recycling program will disassemble used baby equipment and distribute recyclable parts and pieces to recycling centers. You can mail in your car seat, Strollers, Swings, Jumpers, High Chairs, and Diaper Bags for recycling.

To participate in this program, mail your item to:

RENEW Recycling Program
106 E Old Settlers Blvd. Ste D-100
Round Rock, Texas 78664

I applaud this program! I think it is a great idea and I wish there was something like this in Illinois. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Texas and I cannot begin to imagine the cost of shipping my used car seat across the country. I do not think that I will be participating in this program myself, but it is good to know that is available.

A great alternative for people wanting to recycle their old and expired baby gear is the Babies R Us program, The Great Trade-In. This program is not an ongoing program. It runs for a limited amount of time and is usually highly publicized.
The Great Trade-In runs from August 26th through September 18th 2011. You get 25% off any new car seat, stroller, travel system, high chair, play yard, bassinet, walker, infant swing, bouncer, entertainer, crib and/or kid’s bed when you bring in a used one. Purchased items do not have to be a replacement for the used item you are bringing in, they can be from different categories. There is no limit to how many items you can bring in for trade-in.

Some stipulations to be aware of:
·        The 25% discount is valid ONLY on the day of trade-in.
·        You must present the 25% off coupon in order to receive 25% off. The coupon is provided in store on day of trade-in.
·        There is only ONE coupon per trade in
·        25% trade-in coupon cannot be combined with any other “R” Us offer for same item or on prior purchases.

I called and spoke with a very nice lady in customer service about what happens to the trade-in items. I was told that the items that are traded-in are not re-issued. The trade-in items are broken down and sent to recycling plants. They are recycled completely!

I personally want to thank Babies R Us for putting together such a great eco conscious program. Even if I do not wish to purchase another baby item, I am still able to bring in my expired car seat for recycling. I know a lot of states do not have a car seat recycling program available and most people are not going to pay to ship their car seat across the country to a recycling center. This is such a great eco-friendly choice for parents. I also applaud Babies R Us for offering the added incentive of a coupon. I know that I will be bringing in my expired car seat for recycling before September 18th. This event takes place just in time, September is National Safety Month! 
My expired car seat!

According to their flier, Offers are valid at both Babies R Us and Toy’s R Us. So if you do not have a Babies R Us near you, I would call your local Toy’s R Us and see if they are participating in this event.

I am always looking for great ways to be more eco-friendly. I love hearing about the latest and greatest products out there as well as new and excited events. Sharing my “finds” with my readers is something that I enjoy.

If you have a great way to be more green please leave a comment and share your tips, tricks, advice, and knowledge.


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. The opinions expressed in this post are solely mine.


  1. When my son was born my grandmother had bought me a car seat at a yard sale, she didn't know they expire. I didn't use it, but also didn't want to give it away. Shorttly after a friend was pregnant with twins. I saw the Babies R Us trade in. I gave her the seat to trade in and she was able to get a double stroller with the discount. Great deal for her and got rid of a non usable car seat for me.

  2. Where did you hear that Babies R US recycles any part of the car seat. I was told they were just sent to the landfills unless your state has a recycling program for car seats, wich most don't. Please, let me know your source. I'd love it if it was true.


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