Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting back into shape after having a baby...

It has happened again.

I ventured out of my house into the general population, took a look around, took a look at myself, and decided it was time to start getting serious about getting back into shape.

It is not that I am fat. I am not fat. No I am not "big boned", I am simply out of shape. I had a baby four months ago and have spent the last four months breastfeeding my newborn every two-to-three hours, chasing my toddler around the house, trying to keep my home from turning into a complete pig sty, and praying to God for just a little more sleep. Forget about my adventures into potty training, sleep training, and bottle training with my children! How am I supposed to fit a serious exercise program into my schedule?

I know women do it all the time. I hear about those women that wake up at 5 am and go running before the kids wake up. I am envious of their motivation and self discipline, I don't have it. I personally think giving up sleep is CRAZY!

I also hate running. If no one is chasing me and I am not in immediate danger from a pack of wild rabid children I am not going to be running anywhere.

I am not a morning person. I take at the bare minimum of one WHOLE cup of coffee before I am even remotely nice in the morning. I am not talking a dainty cup of coffee either. My personal coffee mug would eat your dainty coffee mug for breakfast, and then giggle. And let’s be honest, coffee and running do not mix unless you are running to the restroom.

I do my workout DVD’s in the mornings when my children let me. Though this is not a Monday through Friday sure thing. Between feeding the kids, changing diapers, making sure they are on the right nap schedule, trying to potty train, and scheduling activities for the kids, my personal workout routine has a tendency of falling by the wayside. I will try to go on a bike ride by myself in the evenings if I am not too tired and if my husband is home that evening. But between work and playing sports and taking care of /entertaining the kids we are a very busy family.

My mother suggested that I sign up for a fitness class through my park district. This way I would get some alone time out of the house and I would be doing something healthy. The tightwad in me has decided that if I pay for a class I will be more likely to attend the class. You get what you pay for, and if I am paying for a class I will be there rain or shine.

So I took a gander (yes I said gander) at the park district fitness classes being offered and there are a couple possibilities. Here is where you, my readers, come in. I would like your opinion on these classes. Do you think they sound fun or do you think they are a waste of time and money? If you have taken these classes please leave a comment about your experience and weather you liked it or hated it.

  • Mommy Tummy: Tone specific abdominal, postural, and glute muscles while correcting your posture, eliminating back aches, and shrinking your waistline. Specifically designed abdominal workouts and upper and lower body exercises will be incorporated.
  • Kick Boxing: Punch and kick your way through this calorie burning, easy to follow cardio workout including resistance training, abdominal exercises, and stretching.
  • Zumba: This cardio workout is inspired by Latin rhythms, featuring south-of-the-border moves.
  • Zumba Tone: Take the original Zumba class to the next level with muscle training through the use of one pound weights. It's an effective redefining total body workout.

I will be signing up for at least one of these fitness classes, maybe even two if I am feeling highly motivated. What do you think, dance off the baby weight or kick and punch it off? I am going to let you choose.

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