Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fun Pic: Week 15

Meet Carl. Carl is the name my husband decided to give the little weazel attached to the ball occupying the seat next to my son. This toy is incredibly inexpensive (I think like $5.00) and takes only one AA battery. When turned on the ball rolls around and the weasel rolls with the ball. I guess it is supposed to look like the weasel is alive and chasing the ball. Anyways… My son loves this toy. He asks for me to help him find Carl. He asks for me to turn Carl on. He throws Carl across the room, chases Carl, picks Carl up, and asks “Carl, are you Okay?” In this picture Carl is cuddling with my son. I am thrilled that he does not discriminate when choosing his friends. I can’t wait to see who his next best buddy is going to be.

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