Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ladies Night Out with Zumba

I recently took my first ladies night out since the birth of my son Steven. By the way, Steven is now five months old. I cannot remember the last ladies night out I had. I know I was pregnant and ice cream was involved, but I cannot put my finger on an actual date.
Needless to say, it had been a while since I was able to get out of the house and spend some time with the girls. Here is where I think my ladies night gets comical… My ladies night is a weekly Zumba class that I am taking with two of my favorite people, Ammie and Wendy.
A month or so ago I asked my readers to help me chose which fitness class I should take. I wanted to get out of the house and get back into shape and I needed the motivation of a structured schedule to help me. My readers (YOU) unanimously commented that Zumba sounded like the most fun and should be the class that I enrolled in. So I did!
My friends decided that Zumba sounded like a blast and a half, so they went ahead and enrolled in the class too. Now every week (ONCE a week-Ammie) I get together with my friends and we shake it like no one’s business to some great music with some seriously funny women. I like to think that since I spend a majority of the class laughing I am burning triple the calories!
The music is hip and fun to dance to. Sometimes I even sing along. I know that if I was following along with a video at home I would be belting out the songs in my “outside” voice. As much fun as singing at the top of my lungs can be, I like the atmosphere of my class.
One thing that I did not know was that there is a whole line of Zumba products from clothing to weights. Who knew?!? When my instructor walked in wearing her Zumba pants I got a little worried that my inexperience with Zumba was going to be an obstacle with this hard core instructor. Then she pulled out Zumba weights from her bag and I got just a little more intimidated. And then she spoke. She was fun and bubbly and put me right at ease. With a show of hands I discovered I was not the only one who was new to Zumba, thank goodness!
So far this class is a high energy class that is both engaging and entertaining. I don’t stop moving from the moment I walk through the door until I park my behind in my car to drive home. When I am not dancing I am laughing. I love that my girlfriends signed up for this class with me and I am so excited go back and shake it again next week.
So to my readers, thank you! Thank you for picking such a fun class for me to take. I have already signed up to take the next class as well. I will be shaking it right up until Christmas!


  1. Laura, I am so glad you found this class and came up with the idea... I only wish you had found that thurs class too hah!!! I am generally not one for structured exercise... yea, not even generally just plain not, but with you and Wendy in this class it is even more awesome. And I love to dance so this is the perfect workout! And I love to laugh! I love that our instructor instructed that we laugh at least once ... DONE and then some!! -Ammie

  2. I like to think we are the stay at home moms gone wild ... with Zumba ha ha!! By the way my last girls night was the same as yours ... we saw a movie (no strings attached) and then headed for ice cream after and pretty much did the usual laugh a lot routine while swapping stories. -Ammie


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