Monday, September 26, 2011

Unplugged for the weekend:

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I don’t think that I have mentioned this officially on Mom Mart quite yet; my baby sister is getting married!

The baby of my family, my little sister Katy, is engaged! She is planning on being a June bride and has asked me to be her matron of honor!

I am incredibly excited about this. Weddings are so much fun. I love my family and love spending time with them; they are some of my very favorite people. I also LOVE planning and organizing!

This weekend I took a trip with my two children to visit my family and do some wedding planning. I completely unplugged from my email, my blog, and my social media networks for the weekend. I had a relaxing-ish weekend trying on bridesmaid dresses, freaking out about losing weight, and looking through bridal magazines for invitations, favors, décor, and bridal bouquets. It was fun!

I am sure that there will be many more posts about weddings and party planning in my future.

As for this past weekend, if you were visiting Mom Mart looking for new posts or an updated Friday fun pic or the weekly Social Media Monday Hop I apologize for the inconvenience. I took a long weekend to rest relax and plan plan plan!

I will choose next week’s spotlight blogger from the September 19th hop, so don’t forget to come back and link up next week!

I hope you as much fun this weekend as I did. It was a nice change of pace to unplug and unwind for a weekend.

Written by: Laura Andry

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