Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Summer

Sippy cup at the park.

There are some things about summer that I thoroughly enjoy. Taking my kids to the park and letting them run off their excess energy is one of them.

This summer I have spent a lot of time at different local parks. I like to rotate which parks we visit, so that playing at the park doesn’t get old. We visit water parks, toddler parks, sand pit parks, and some really neat jungle gyms throughout the summer. If it is an especially nice day, I will pack a picnic for us to eat.

My kids and I will spend an hour or two running around the playground before we sit down long enough to scarf down food. We munch on PB&J sandwiches and we drink apple juice from sippy cups. After eating a nicely packed picnic outdoors, we are off the play some more. We are on the go and going non-stop!

Since I have a two year old and an infant, moving around the playground can be cumbersome with a stroller. So if it is not too hot, I strap on my baby carrier and buckle in my baby. When baby-wearing I am able to interact and play with my toddler more than when I am pushing the stroller around the park.

Both of my boys love to be outside. William, my toddler, loves to run and jump and swing and slide. He is 100% boy 100% of the time! My baby boy, Steven, loves to snuggle close and feel the wind blow through his hair. After a morning spent outdoors both of my little peanuts give me great afternoon naps.

As much as I love the cooler weather and beautiful colors that fall brings; I will miss the sunshine and sippy cups of summer.

Written by: Laura Andry

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