Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Toddler the FLIRT

kids holding hands

My son is a ladies’ man. He is two-years-old and already he is a complete flirt.

On our recent trip to the zoo my son thought that he would cozy up to another toddler on a boat exhibit in the Swamp. Because nothing says romance like an imaginary trip through the bayou.

He has no fear. It may be the cutest thing I have ever seen. He comes over and sits right next to this little girl and leans in. He follows her around the boat wanting to sit right next to her wherever she goes. They duck at the same time to avoid imaginary trees and point out the swamp creatures in awe. When the swamp ride was over he wanted to go with this little girl and her family to the next exhibit. Do you think I should start to worry yet?

Then the other day our whole family headed over to the park to play. My son was more interested in talking to a random mother at the park than playing with her child. He sat right down next to her on a step and started chatting her up. It was ridiculously funny.

It seems that everywhere I take my boys they find the ladies. Whether it be the grocery store, the park, or the pumpkin patch my son will locate the ladies. My toddler is a flirting fool. Flirt flirt flirt.

He completely turns on the charm whenever there are new ladies present. We are talking full fledged eyelash batting, smiles, and giggles. He completely hams is up. I think he was born with the ability to flirt. Flirting is simply in his nature. Is this what all little boys are like?

As adorable as this is now, I think that I am in for a world of trouble!

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