Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Big Boy Superhero Bedroom

Last week I showed you my older sons Pirate/Nautical themed room, this week I am sharing the progress of my younger son's superhero room. My husband and I decided that my youngest son’s big boy room needed to have a bunk bed. We wanted a bed that he could grow into. A bed that looked nice and was safe, and would help accommodate the overflow of people coming to visit. There was drama with the bunk bed and how long it took to arrive {a whole post in and of itself}, but it finally came. Secretly I think my husband always wanted a bunk bed of his own. 

Once the bed was set up we decided that it did not look right in the room it was in and so we switched the boy’s bedrooms. This went surprisingly well. The boys were happy to switch rooms. Now for the little man to get used to sleeping in his room in his new bunk beds…  The transition into the big boy bed was not a smooth transition, but we made it. My husband even spent some nights in the room to help with this transition.

Full over Full Bunk Bed Super Hero Bedroom

 Full over Full Bunk Bed Super Hero Bedroom

We spent a little while thinking about how we wanted to incorporate the superhero theme into the room. Due to the drama and the issues that arose from where we bought the bed, we did not go back to purchase the items we originally planned on going back to buy {under bed storage, bookshelf, and dresser}. Instead I hunted around and found a great dresser at a local thrift store – and it is PERFECT! I am still on the lookout for underbed storage, but that can wait.

SuperHero Bedroom
Frame Comic Books

My husband was really excited about the idea of a super hero themed room. He dug out his old comics and I spent a nice chunk of time going through them in the hopes of finding appropriate ones to frame {red frames are from IKEA}. I am still on the lookout for a great Batman sign; you know the one that says “Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Than always be Batman”. My husband really wants it for the room.

I had been looking for striped curtains for what seemed like forever and finally found these navy blue and white striped curtains at IKEA. They are really thin, so I bought the blackout panels that attach right to the curtains and they do a great job of darkening the room. I love them!

Purchased Navy Blue and White Striped Curtains

I love this room and think that with some fun throw pillows it could really POP! BANG! POW! … Sorry, I couldn’t help the comic book wording with caps. With a little more work and a figurine or two I think this room will be great. I have thought about a rug, but cannot find one that clicks with the room. What do you think?

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