Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Disney Infinity Experience #DisneyInfinity

This last week I attended a blogging conference in Chicago and was given the opportunity to be present at The Big Toy Book #DisneyInfinity Luncheon at the River East Arts Center. The focus of this event was to find out all about the new Disney Infinity video game, although I feel like it is more like a system in and of itself. Yes it is that awesome. And since it is that awesome, I thought I would share what I know with you.

Disney Infinity Experience #DisneyInfinity
Disney Infinity is an interactive game that will grow and expand over time. It is essentially a game within a game… within another game – all of which can be played any given way. You grow content over time instead of typical games that you play, beat, and delete.

Disney Infinity Game

There is no wrong way to play this game. While it is not a linear game, there are directions given in the form of little green arrows that help progress the game {which is awesome for the younger crowd… and for me!}. But what I find really cool about this game is the Toy Box mode.

Toy box mode is where you get to create and make your own world and see what it would be like for Mr. Incredible to hang out with Mike Wazowski. You can create worlds and are only limited by your own imagination. You can create roller coasters or race tracks. You can visit Cinderella’s castle or head on over to Disney World.

Power discs are another really awesome feature as they allow you to bring in new characters and alter and add new abilities to characters. Each new hexagon power disc has the ability to change the way the “Toy Box” world looks and each new circular power disc provides additional benefits {or ability} to characters and can be stackable – thus providing multiple benefits/powers for any given character. 

Disney Infinity Power Discs

Disney Infinity Figures

Players will have actual Disney character figures for the game. The figures all have memory inside of them. What this means is that if you are playing Disney Infinity at home on your Wii and you want to go and play Disney Infinity at your friends house, you can bring your figure with you and continue to progress your character – no matter what platform your friend has. Even if they have Disney Infinity for an Xbox360. Yes, that’s right. The figures will work on ALL platforms!!!

I was able to play Disney Infinity at The Big Toy Book Disney Infinty Luncheon co-hosted by  Charlene DeLoach from and Joey Fortman from To be perfectly honest, I wanted to take the whole set up home with me right then and there. I love Disney, as does my entire family {aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws – we all love Disney} and I love that I can watch my favorite movies come to life. I know this is something my children will love to play as well and I have a feeling Santa will be bringing it for Christmas {that is if I can wait that long}.

Disney Infinity will be available for purchase on August 18th. The Starter pack will include the Disney Infinity Game Disc, the Disney Infinity Base, Three Disney Infinity Play Sets, Mr. Incredible, James P. Sullivan {Sulley}, Jack Sparrow, a Disney Infinity Power Disc, as well as unique web codes to unlock Disney Infinity online content. Disney Infinity will sell for $74.99.  

Disclosure: I received a sample figure as a thank you for participating in this event.  I was not asked to write about this, nor was I compensated for doing so.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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