Friday, August 9, 2013

Ice painting outdoors with the little ones #CraftsForKids

I decided this week to really embrace all things crafty. We have been very busy making chalkboards, homemade playdough, and painting. Don’t worry; I will be sharing all of these crafts with you over the next few weeks. The first craft I wanted to share with you is the Ice painting craft the kids did today.

While the weather is nice and before school starts back up {because here in Illinois we still have a couple more weeks of summer} we decided to take on an outdoor activity. This was incredibly simple and very educational for my little ones. They loved watching the colors bleed together.

Ice Painting Kid Craft Activity: Mom Mart

What you need:
Ice tray
Food Coloring

How to Make It:
Fill the ice tray with water.
Plop in a few drops of food coloring {you could experiment with color combinations to make this part of the activity educational for your kiddos}.
Put in freezer for a couple hours. I had them in overnight.
Pop the ice cubes out and let the kids go crazy coloring on the side walk.

Ice Painting Outdoors with Children

Colored Ice

My kids really liked that the paint colors bled together to create new colors. They really liked experimenting with this phenomenon. They loved watching the ice melt and using the colored ice to quickly draw on the driveway, because if they were too slow the ice painting dried and disappeared. 

Now onto the clean up... I used food coloring to turn my plain old ice cubes into colored ice cubes. Immediately after we were done painting with our ice on the driveway we went indoors and washed our hands with soap and water to get rid of the staining that food coloring causes. It came off without incident.  

Clean Up Time!

I would be wary of waiting too long to try and get the food coloring off, as I have heard {but not personally experienced as of yet} that food coloring can be difficult to remove once it has sat for a long time. Another blogging friend of mine recommends using a dab of Windex to remove food coloring staining. – while I have not tried this, because soap and water has always worked for us, I can believe it… because according to the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding “Windex fixes EVERYTHING!”

Do you do arts and crafts outdoors with your kids?

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