Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Six Flags Shenanigans with the WHOLE family!

Last week my family took a little trip to our local Six Flags Great America Chicago. My husband and I brought along our three children {4 y/o, 2y/o, and 2m/o}. My sister-in-law, her husband, and her little girl {2 y/o} also came along for a fun filled day of roller coaster craziness! I did some babywearing and my husband did some hand holding and together we were able to manage all of the children quite well.

BATDAD with the boys in a little pink teacup ride at Six Flags

 Daffy Duck at Six Flags

hot air balloon ride at Six Flags

Childrens ride at Six Flags

It rained. It rained from the moment we got there until about the moment we left, but we still had a great time! There are a ton of things for little ones to do. There are rides, a giant pirate ship playground, and stage to sing on. The rides range according to height – but my boys are pretty tall for their age and were able to ride some good rides with their father, aunt, and uncle. Since I was babywearing I was unable to ride the coaster, but that’s okay – maybe next time.

It was a great day – rain and all. My favorite ride was the carousel because I was able to participate. My oldest son was tall enough to ride the Demon Roller Coaster with his father… he came off telling me how scary it was. But then he didn’t bat an eyelash at hopping on the next coaster. My boys love to go fast and they love to bounce off the walls; so this was a perfect way to spend the day with my children.

Have you ever been to an amusement park, and if so which one(s)?

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