Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Blogger Baby Shower in Chicago #TBLBabyShower

While in Chicago for a major blogging conference I was able to attend the 2nd annual Blogger Baby Shower Hosted by the Baby Ladies and the Save Babies through Screening Foundation. This was a private event that I was really looking forward to attending and I was not disappointed. I had an amazing time.

The Baby Ladies with Dr. Brown's
It all started with the invitation for the #TBLBabyShower and their request for joining an online group where we could chat, get to know each other a bit better, and learn more about the sponsors prior to the event itself. By creating this online community they created a familiarity and a sense of camaraderie within the group. It turned the event into a gathering of friends.

At the event I got to see my blogging friends in real life. I even got the opportunity to meet some of their babies that I had read about on their blogs. I got to introduce these friends to my newborn baby as well. It truly felt that I was among friends and I enjoyed myself immensely. See… here is a picture of my blogging friend Becca {MamaB} and our two babes. Yes we are both sporting ErgoBaby carriers.

MamaB and Mom Mart at the Blogger Baby Shower in Chicago

There were some wonderful contacts at the shower that I truly enjoyed spending time talking to. I learned all about how easy and non invasive the pulse ox test really is as well as the importance of this life-saving screening. It was extremely informative and great to be able to see it in action.

I had the opportunity to chat with Molly from Dr. Brown’s and check out their Gia breastfeeding pillow as well as some of their accessories. I had a delightful conversation with Stephanie from Bundoo about recipes as well as the Bundoo site. I got to check out the Contours BLISS, which is one pretty awesomesauce stroller and chat with Colleen who is pretty awesomesauce as well. I really enjoyed being able to talk to these wonderful ladies one on one.

There were also some really fantastic products that I was able to check out and play with. Even though I am a Joovy Mom Blogger and a Kolcraft Mom Blogger, I do not usually get to test out every single product that these fabulous companies produce. I wouldn’t even know where to store them! So I really loved that I was able to check out the new Bliss stroller by Contours as well as some really cool ride-on toys by Joovy {the Bicycoo and the Tricycoo were some of my favorites}.

Contours Bliss Stroller - This is Bliss

Joovy Bicycoo and Tricycoo

I also got to check out some brands that I am not so familiar with like Infant Lane and their beautiful merino wool pajamas and Leading Lady and their display of nursing bras and breast pads {I have had a really difficult time shopping in stores for nursing bras- so I was super excited to check out Leading Lady’s products}.

Infant Lane

Leading Lady

This was by far one of the best events I attended during my weekend in the city. I had great time learning about new products and companies and I was blessed to feel that I was truly among friends. Kudos to the Baby Ladies Christa from Little BGCG, Kristine from Cora’s Story, and Emily from Baby Dickey for hosting one fabulous event and thank you for the invitation.

Disclosure: I received a gift bag as a thank you for participating in this event.  I was not asked to write about this, nor was I compensated for doing so.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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