Monday, August 26, 2013

The benefit of a good old fashioned board game: Risk!

When I was a little girl I remember loving family game night. There were five of us kids and we all liked to play games. The boys loved to play Risk, the girls loved to play Life, and my father loved to play Monopoly – if he could get anyone to play it with him {he liked to win}.

Game of World Domination: Risk. Family Game Night

My parents LOVED to play board games and as I grew up we continued to play board games together. In high school I can remember my girlfriends coming over and playing games with my family as well. We were big into spending time together and board games kept us entertained. Even as full grown adults with kids of our own, whenever my family gets together the board games come out.

Now that I have little ones of my own I hope to instill in them the same love of board games that I grew up with. I know that there are super fun video games and apps out there for children, we play those too. I really want them to be able to use their imagination, be able to sit for longer than 2 seconds, and to cherish a wonderful tradition of family game night.

Aside from all of the wonderful bonding that can take place through the playing of games with family, there are great educational benefits to playing games. One of my favorite games today is Risk. World domination aside, when playing Risk you are staring at a map and learning geography. By playing games you work on counting, reading, and most important – social skills. Nobody ALWAYS wins, and that’s okay.

My boys love to play board games and I love to play board games with them. Right now they may not quite grasp all the “rules” to Risk, but they enjoy playing it and they enjoy spending time with mom and dad.

Family Game Night of Risk with the Boys

Do you play board games, and if so which is your favorite?

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