Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The BIG Room Change

Recently we purchased a bunk bed set for my younger son so that he would have a big boy bed to move on to when it came time to transition out of his crib. Problems arose and the bed took A LOT longer to arrive than we originally anticipated… yada yada yada {I could write a whole post about my bed purchasing experience}, and then when the bed finally came we set it up and decided that we did not like it in my son’s room. They boys needed to switch rooms.

Before and after room change

So after some serious furniture moving help from my in-laws {Thanks Wendy & Shawn} the boy’s rooms were switched. Now the old nursery is my oldest son’s room and he has decided that he is too big for Dr. Seuss. He wants his room to be pirate themed. So we picked out some pretty cool sea life pictures and framed them and we ordered a huge map to go on his wall {hello future corkboard project}. I am on the lookout for some fun pirate paraphernalia as well as used sails to turn into curtains, but I have not had much luck.

Room Change Nautical / Pirate Theme Bedroom

Room Change Nautical / Pirate Theme Bedroom

Room Change Nautical / Pirate Theme Bedroom

I don’t want his room to be too childish that he outgrows it in another year or two, so I am trying to go more nautical and less swords and eye patches. I am kind of stuck as to what I should display above his bed. I am thinking a globe and chest and maybe framed photos and books. I would love to hear your thoughts…

What I should do for a vignette above the bed?

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