Saturday, May 26, 2012

A little bit of Star Wars goes a long way…

In a galaxy far far away lives a houseful of boys who love to play with toys. Not just any toys will do for these boys, only the best! And according to their father {No, not Darth Vader} the best are Star Wars toys!

We were given some really amazing Star Wars toys this last Christmas from my brother and sister-in-law and have had a fabulous time playing with them. What are they, you ask? The amazing Star Wars toys we were gifted are Storm Trooper Mr. Potato Head and little R2-D2 Mr. Potato head… Although R2-D2 is more like a Mr. Tater-Tot.

I was told that they can be bought through Disney {they were purchased through a Disney store in Disney World} and were very reasonably priced. I was even told that there are more Star Wars Mr. & Mrs. Potato heads available… Hello Princess Leia and Chewbacca!

These toys have become a smashing success in my home and will occupy my children for about an hour. It is amazing that they are so entertained by these toys, especially considering that neither of them have ever seen Star Wars and have no idea what Star Wars actually is {we think they are still a little young for the movies}.

My hubby on the other hand loves Star Wars and grew up collecting various Star Wars paraphernalia. One day {very soon} those toys will be played with by our children… Okay the adults of the house will probably play with them too. Who am I kidding... we are totally going to be playing with those toys when they come out of storage!

The few toys I had growing up that survived my many many MANY childhood moves are not nearly as cool as the Star Wars toys that my children will inherit from their father. I had a gigantic stuffed duck that my children now chase each other around the house with and a sad little pound puppy with a broken nose named Wrinkles who hangs out in a toy box.  They definitely do not compare to Yoda figurines or spacecrafts.  

Do you have any childhood toys that you plan on passing down to your children?

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