Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today’s Toys for Tots!

I have such a fantastic time watching my children play with their toys. Toys have definitely advanced by leaps and bounds since I was a child. My mode of transportation was a big wheel that was passed down from sibling to sibling until my feet graced its pedals. Being the second youngest of five children, this was the way of the world and it worked well for our family.

Now I can look out in my garage and see a child motorized Ford F150 truck, a Little Tikes police cruiser, a ride on Thomas the train toy, and a vintage looking Radio Flyer tricycle. Spoiled… I have a tendency to spoil my children, just a little bit.

If I am being perfectly honest I will own up to the fact that these toys are just as much for me as they are for my children. I have a great time playing trains with my two boys. I love pretending we are in a diner and letting them prepare meals in their play kitchen. If I could fit in the motorized truck I would drive it around the neighborhood. My children give me the excuse I need to play with all of the fun new toys being made today and I am perfectly okay with that.

I find that a majority of the toys that my children like to spend their time playing with are simple toys that allow their imaginations to run wild. They can create anything they want at their work bench and they can build any kind of track going to any destination they so choose when playing with their wooden railway system. These types of toys provide endless hours of entertainment.

Then there are the really cool mechanical toys that grab their attention and simply won’t let go. A prime example is the Playskool mechanical dinosaur a friend gave us. This dinosaur makes noises, moves, and responds to touch. It is a toy that my boys cannot get enough of. William likes to sit and ride it and Steven likes to walk right up to it, pet it, and then run away. It is a toy that I would have loved as a child.

My boys’ latest thing is to dress up. Although they do not have dress up clothes per say, they like to put on a hat or a cape and take on a new persona. They turn into Super Hero William, or Worker man Steve with the addition of a simple accessory. Apparently this dress up game has now extended to their toys as well. Worker man dinosaur has made his debut and is a fun, new, and unexpected playmate in our home.

Oh to be a kid again! I loved my childhood and I have a fondness for the pound puppies and cabbage patch dolls that made it big when I was little. But the toys these kids have today are amazing and provide the parents with just as much entertainment and joy as they do the children they are bought for. Although not everyone may feel this way, as a mother who spends most of the day crawling around on the carpeting playing trains with my tots, this has been my experience.

If there was a single modern toy that I could have had as a little girl it would have to be one of those motorized cars that kids have today. I would have loved driving down my driveway and around the block in one of those two passenger trucks.

If you had to pick only one, which modern toy do you wish you had as a child?

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