Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vintage Door Knob Envy

I am in full on new house mode. As many of you know I am planning on moving soon, if all goes according to plan. I have been crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s and praying daily for everything to go well. I even have my children including the sale of our house in their evening prayers! I figure it can’t hurt.

With moving on the horizon I have started to think about the NEW house. I have been dreaming about what I want to do to make the new house a home. Visions of paint swatches dance in my head and Pinterest has become my new best friend.

I got it in my head to search for vintage or reclaimed door knobs and plates for the new house. I think that taking something old and making it new is a great way to add some character to a house. I like the idea of each door have a different and unique door knob.  This could be fun!

I do not collect anything. There are no ceramic pigs, teapots, decorative plates, or birdhouses in my home. I have not found anything that I necessarily like enough to want to have en mass in my home. I like the idea of finding old door knobs as I go. Replacing one knob at a time as I happen upon them. 

I looked online and saw that some of these doorknobs resale for hundreds of dollars! That is crazy!!!! I will not spend $200+ dollars on an old door knob. Some are more reasonably priced through etsy shops, but I have not found a huge selection out there in the price range I am looking for. Time to get creative in my shopping…

I got the idea to check out my local Habitat for Humanity resale store. They sell cabinets, light fixtures, hardware, tile, and even furniture. Although my Habitat for Humanity Resale store did not have a large selection of old doorknobs, they had a couple that gave me hope that they might get more in the future. I even found some lights that with a little paint would work well for my new entry! I will definitely keep this place on my list of shops to check out once I move!

Do you collect anything?

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