Friday, May 25, 2012

A not so secret garden

Like most children, my boys like to explore the world around them. They live for making discoveries. They are thrilled to learn all about something that is completely and totally foreign to them. Gardens are definitely a foreign concept at my house.

Since I do not have a green thumb and the most I know about lawn care is how to mow a lawn, gardens are not something that my children get exposed to a whole lot {unless visiting their grandma}. Especially since we have always lived in a townhouse where all of my outdoor chores have been taken care of through my association. If all goes well {fingers crossed and lots of prayers} we will be moving into a single family home in June.

This means that I am going to have to start thinking about lawnmowers, snow blowers, yard tools, gardening tools, as well as plants! YIKES! I guess I will have to start doing some research to prepare for being a homeowner with a big backyard to care for. To start kick start this new adventure I took the boys to the Phillips Park Sunken Garden. My boys loved it… I was a little overwhelmed.

The boys had a fantastic time running around on the path circling the sunken garden. They ran up to the statues and hugged them {the statues are of ladies and my boys are total flirts}.  They walked up to the fountain and contemplated ways of playing in it without getting into trouble. They ran up and down the stairs until they needed to take a break and rest. This ended up being a great way to tire them out!

I on the other hand simply sat back and took it all in… It took a while. When I look at a sunken garden I think about all of the work that went into planning, planting, and watering everything. And although I get exhausted just looking at it, I do appreciate the beauty of it all. My mind simply skips ahead to the preparations needed to bring the plans to fruition.

I think that I will need to plan a few more outings to some local gardens to get more comfortable with the idea of having one of my own. I have no idea which plants require shade and which plants thrive in direct sunlight, but I figure I will eventually get there.
While I know that I lack the skills to create a magical and whimsical secret garden of my own, a simple garden will do just fine. Until I am ready I will just have to have fun thinking about the possibilities and getting my inspiration from other people’s labors of love.

Do you garden?

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